Workshop: Elements, Graphs, and Entities: Analyzing Web Archive Datasets

At the conference Web Archives as Scholarly Sources on Tuesday 9 June in the afternoon, it will be possible to participate in the workshop “Elements, Graphs, and Entities: Analyzing Web Archive Datasets” presented by Vinay Goel and Jefferson Bailey from the Internet Archive. Participation is free but there are some specific requirements (see below) and the number of participants is limited to 25. You can sign up for the workshop when registering. Please note that some parallel sessions will run concurrently with the workshop. The organisers will make sure that attendees who sign up for the workshop will not present in any of the parallel sessions on Tuesday afternoon.

About the workshop

This workshop will explore new methods of research use of web archives by
giving researchers exposure to, and training in, the tools, methods, and
types of analysis possible in working with datasets extracted from entire
web archive collections. Giving researchers datasets of specific extracted
metadata elements, longitudinal link graph data, extracted named entities,
and other post-processed data can help facilitate new research methods and
new types of visualization, inquiry, and analysis. Requirements:
Participants will need to have a laptop and have access to a Unix/Linux
environment, either via a Mac (or Linux OS) or, for Windows users, via a
related OS, such as Ubuntu, running in VirtualBox (or similar). Participants
should have very basic comfort interacting with the command line (Terminal).
Prior to the workshop, attendees will be given links for downloading the
necessary scripts, code templates, and data. Participants will need to have
the ability to install software on their laptops and will be provided basic
instructions for installing the tools necessary for visualizing the data we
will be working with in the workshop. Attendees need not have great
technical proficiency, but should be comfortable playing around with data
and have an open-minded spirit towards working with and visualizing
datasets. Any questions about the workshop can be directed to