Eurovision Song Contest

In recent years the Eurovision has transformed from being primarily a broadcasted TV-show taking place in a week in the spring to also being an online event lasting almost half a year. ESC 2014 took place in Copenhagen, Denmark, in May 2014, and from the launch of the official website and slogan mid-December 2013 the Danish Netarchive did intensive harvestings of all ESC 2014-relevant online activity.

The slogan “joinus” directly addressed the focus on social media by the Danish hosts, and the project in every way tested the limits of the software, hardware, procedures and knowhow within the Danish Netarchive. The collected materials include several million tweets, thousands of Youtube-videos, screenfilmings and frequent harvestings. If possible, the pilot project will try to locate material of relevance to ESC 2014 in other national web archives.


Henrik Sivertsen, the Royal Library/Netarkivet, Denmark,