EU’s National Web Spheres

Although the web is a supremely global medium that pays little attention to political and geographical boundaries, much of the world’s web archiving occurs along national lines. Despite this, the state of knowledge about the nature of a national domain is in its infancy. This project examines how scholars and archivists alike should best analyse a national web and its historical development, based on studies of material in national web archives.

National projects are already on their way in Denmark, and in the UK (part of the  ‘Big UK Domain Data for the Arts and Humanities’ project) both nations with legal provision for comprehensive domain-wide archiving. These national projects are set in dialogue with investigations of the boundaries between national domains, and interactions across those boundaries, most notably in the relationship of the UK and Irish web domains on the island of Ireland.

In RESAW the project will be, first, to exchange ideas and technical solutions as to how this can be done in each nation, and, second, to discuss and possibly test how analyses of national web domains can be combined to produce a characterisation of the European web; the aim is to establish a European WebTrendIndex, showing developments in the European web.


Niels Brügger, Aarhus University, NetLab,

Peter Webster, Webster Research and Consulting (UK),