Call RESAW 2027

Want to host the RESAW Conference 2027?

The RESAW Conferences are looking for a research institution to host the RESAW Conference in 2027. RESAW is a Research infrastructure for the Study of Archived Web materials.

Since 2015 the RESAW Conferences have been organised with the aim of establishing an international forum where researchers from all disciplines — web archivists (curators, IT developers, etc.), artists, and others who are working with the archived web — can get together to share ideas. The RESAW Conferences strive to be as open as possible to including new types of participants and stakeholders. The RESAW Conferences are held in Europe, organised by researchers, and held biennially.

Previous conferences have been held in:

  • Aarhus, organised by Aarhus University (2015, see programme),
  • London, organised by the University of London (2017, see programme),
  • Amsterdam, organised by the University of Amsterdam (2019, see programme).
  • Luxembourg, organised by the University of Luxembourg (2021, see programme). 

Future conferences will be hosted by Aix-Marseille University (2023, see CFP) and the University of Siegen (2025).

If you would like to submit a proposal for hosting the conference in 2027, please send your proposal (maximum 3 pages) to Niels Brügger from the RESAW Conference Committee,

Proposals must include information about the following:

  • overall theme,
  • suggested keynotes (names not needed, but topics of the keynotes),
  • main types of activities and a provisional structure of the conference (keynotes, pre-conference activities, workshops, presentations, panels, roundtables, etc.)
  • information about the venue, including availability of rooms, IT equipment, transportation to and from the venue, catering etc.,
  • provisional budget for funding of the planned activities.

Please note that the RESAW Conferences are usually three-day events, and that the local organiser is responsible for meeting the full costs of delivering the conference, whether from conference fees or other financial contributions.

You can read more about the planning of the RESAW Conferences, including organisation, financing, budget, and practical information, in the document ‘RESAW Conferences – The Recipe’. You may get inspiration from the programmes from previous conferences (see above), and you can read more about the RESAW community at

Proposals are due 1 June 2023, and the host for the 2027 conference will be announced on the last day of the 2023 RESAW Conference in Aix-Marseille.