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Below you will find relevant information for the conference in Aarhus 8-10 June 2015. If you have any questions, just email Niels Brügger at nb(at)

Getting to Aarhus and Aarhus University

By air
Travelling to/from Aarhus airport
The Aarhus airport Tirstrup is located 40 km north of the city and offers various direct international flights to European capital cities. Please visit their website for information on flight arrival/departure times. There is an airport shuttle bus from Aarhus airport with frequent departures (every 20 minutes after each flight arrival with departures from just outside the main entrance). The fare is about DKK 100 (cash, visa, mastercard and JBC) and it takes about 45-50 min. to reach downtown Aarhus. The bus stops at the Aarhus University campus. More information on airport bus information can be found here or call (+45) 70 210 230. There are direct flights between Aarhus Airport/Tirstrup and Copenhagen International Airport. The flight takes 35 minutes. In Copenhagen a free transit bus links the International and Domestic airport terminals.

Travelling to/from Billund airport
Billund airport is located 100 km south of Arhus and has direct international flight connections to many European destinations. Please visit the airport website for more information on arrivals and departures. There is an airport shuttle bus between Aarhus and Billund airport with several daily departures – please click airport link to find more information. The travel time from Billund Airport to downtown Aarhus is approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes. Tickets are sold on the bus for about 130 DKK.

Travelling to/from Copenhagen airport
Please visit the website for more information on arrivals and departures by plane. For connecting trains to Aarhus, please check the website of the national railway operator DSB. Copenhagen airport is connected to Aarhus Airport/Tirstrup with daily departures. The flight takes 35 minutes. In Copenhagen a free transit bus links the International and Domestic airport terminals. Copenhagen airport has direct flight connections to a large number of international destinations.

By train
Aarhus lies at one of the most important railway junctions in Denmark. There are hourly departures to the north, south and west. Aarhus has hourly services to and from Copenhagen. The opening of the Tunnel under the Great Belt has shortened the journey by one hour, so now the trip takes three and a half hours. There are several daily connections to Sweden, Germany and the rest of Europe. Please visit DSB or DSB Journey planner to find all your connection route options. Trains bound for Aarhus railway station leave Copenhagen Airport hourly. The price is about DKK 400 for a one-way ticket (including seat reservation). To buy a ticket at the Copenhagen airport, you should go to the DSB Ticket Sales booth in Terminal 3 just above a rolling sidewalk which takes you down to the train.

By ferry
Check the Molslinien website (in Danish) for current timetables for ferries to Zealand (Aarhus-Odden) or call (+45) 7010 1418 (press 1) for reservations.

By car
Aarhus has direct connections to the great European network of motorways, making it easy to get to most European cities. Hamburg can be reached within roughly four hours. There are also excellent roads to most places in Denmark. For more information, please check location on the map.

The venue: Incuba Science Park, Aarhus University

Incuba Science Park, where the conference takes place, is located at Åbogade 15, 8200 Aarhus N (see map below). Please note that there are other parts of the university campus also named Incuba Science Park, so you should make sure you are going to the one on Åbogade. This area of campus is also known as the IT Campus, Katrinebjerg.

By bus from the city centre to the conference venue Incuba, Åbogade
We recommend taking bus 2a to and from the conference venue. The bus leaves from several locations close to the hotels in the city centre, e.g. Park Allé/Banegårdspladen (next to the central station), Busgaden, and Klostertorvet, and it stops at the mall Storcenter Nord (one stop after Vanggaard Centret). If you get off the bus at Storcenter Nord, it is a a 3-5 minute walk to the conference venue behind the mall (see map below). The bus leaves every 10-15 minutes. For timetables, see the Journey Planner (in English and Danish) and/or the 2a timetable (in Danish). The ticket (2 zones) can be bought on the bus and costs DKK 20 (cash, coins not notes). For further information on public transportation in Aarhus, see the Midttrafik website.

Walking route from 2a bus stop to venue

Taxi companies
Aarhus Taxi (+45) 8948 4848
Dan Taxi (+45) 7025 2525


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