PhD seminar: Web Archiving and Archived Web

The PhD seminar ‘Web Archiving and Archived Web — a new Research Method, a new Object of Study?’ is organised by the Danish Digital Humanities Lab/NetLab & Aarhus University, the PhD programme ‘ICT, Media, Communication and Journalism’.

This PhD seminar focus on web archiving and web archives with a view to investigating the nexus between web archiving and web archives as a new research method and as a new object of study. The aim of the seminar is double. On the one hand it is to introduce web archiving as a research method to be used by scholars studying contemporary political, social, and cultural phenomena within the humanities and the social sciences, and, on the other hand, the aim is to introduce to the methodological and theoretical issues related to the use of existing (trans)national web archives, in the main in relation to historical studies involving the web.

Participation as well as coffee and lunch are free of charge. Participants must pay for dinner, travel and accommodation themselves.

The lectures and the lecturers:

  • “Virtual Digs: Excavating, Preserving, and Archiving the Web”, Meghan Dougherty, Assistant Professor, Digital Communication, Loyola University Chicago
  • “A Data Driven Approach to Web Archive Research”, Anat Ben-David, post-doctoral researcher with the WebART project, University of Amsterdam
  • “Archiving web material for future research?”, Ditte Laursen, senior researcher and curator at the State Media Archive, State Library in Denmark
  • “Probing a nation’s web sphere”, Niels Brügger, Associate Professor, Aarhus University, Head of the Centre for Internet Studies

Read the full call, including more about the course format, the venue, and how to enrol: Web Archiving and Archived Web – Call