Archiving .eu

Memory institutions have adopted the strategy of “divide and conquer” when it comes to archiving the World Wide Web, by assuming responsibility for the respective national domain. .eu, currently with 3.7 million registrations, falls through the cracks in this model as it covers multiple nations and does not naturally fit in any national memory institution’s remit.

Within this pilot project preliminary scoping work has taken place to explore archiving arrangements for .eu. It is hoped that the essential components could be put in place through RESAW with the support of the European Commission.  An options paper has been drafted, discussing potential models for archiving .eu, including direct funding from the EC, collaborations among RESAW partners, crowd sourcing and commercial venture. A pilot exploratory crawl of the .eu has also been planned later in 2014, to obtain better understanding of the domain.


Ditte Laursen, the State and University Library/Netarkivet, Denmark,

Daniel Gomes, the Portuguese Web Archive,

Helen Hockx-Yu, the British Library,