Resources about web archiving and the scholarly use of web archives (this page is not updated after 2014)
Articles and reports

Brügger, N. & Finnemann, N.O. (2013): The Web and Digital Humanities: Theoretical and Methodological Concerns. Journal of Broadcasting and Electronic Media, 57(1): 66-80

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Schostag, S. & Fønss-Jørgensen, E. (2012): Webarchiving: Legal Deposit of Internet in Denmark. A Curatorial Perspective. MDR, 41: 110–120

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Websites and blogs

Web archives for historians,

UK Web Archive blog,

Webstory: Peter Webster’s blog,

Ian Milligan’s website about digital history research, with projects where archived web is used; Milligan is an Assistant Professor in the Department of History at the University of Waterloo.

Twitter tweets

Ina DL Web, ‪@inadlweb

Internet Memory ‪@InternetMemory

NetLab ‪@NetLab_dk

UK Web Archive ‪@UKWebArchive

Web Archive History, ‪@HistWebArchives

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Atelier DL web Ina,